My true evergreen hero! 

I could see him sitting in his all white attire, cross legged and that ever famous grin. He was looking amused at his earthly human body lying in middle of the room, lifeless, while his eyes were full of it . Watching him, seemed like he was orchestrating the whole ceremony. Each time he lifted his hand and an eyebrow , I did what he asked me to . Each one of us grand children , taking care of each of his precious ones – the older daughter is breaking down … now the middle son … and now the youngest daughter … holding them together and helping them through their grief …was our responsibility . No amount of event management , prepares you for this one event . 

As I held onto his most precious one , my grandmom. Giving her all the strength that I could muster at that moment . She couldn’t touch him or kiss him a good bye, cause she couldn’t bend down . Would kissing his cold forehead and then kissing his precious one send some strength and connection across ? did that a couple of times cause he guided me to. 

Whether you knew him as a husband, father, grandfather, uncle, or friend, you probably had the same level of appreciation for him that I have. 
My grandfather was a great man. When I think about him the words that come to mind are: independent , caring, humorous, faithful, respectful and a man of very high principles . He is the only man in the world whom no man I have ever known can match upto ! These are just a few words that come to mind, but it is impossible to summarize how great a person he was in words.
My earliest memories of time spent with my grandfather was while visiting his house, the family holiday home during summer holidays! The morning alarm , those night sleeping socks , the monkey Cap and muffler that came out every time the temp dipped, crackling news on the radio early in the morning despite the television and the News channels competing for TRP’s, the morning smell of coffee that he brewed for all of us , the lovely nature trails in National Park early in the morning with his precious other half even before day break , the occasional spotting of a wild animal in the forest , the morning Khari biscuits with tea, the strict shower time and study time ,the fountain pen and the ink pot, the numerous postal stamps and letters, the afternoon nap , the hot yummy evening snacks , the evening walks and Kulfi dinners and a fixed sleep time . His schedules were fixed from the time he woke up till he slept. This continued till the moment he left us . A fixed schedule . Anything that broke his schedule made him uneasy , cause it made him feel dependent. 
As each of us , his grand children grew older and became busier with our own lives we saw him less and less. Even though the visits to his house were less frequent,he remained our hero . Every time we met him , we relived every single moment . 
I am going to miss my grandfather’s cynical sense of humour, his wisdom and love. One day in the future we will meet again in heaven. Until then I will pass your wisdom down to my daughter. I want to thank you for being such a wonderful person to me and all of us, family! 
Love you forever ! 

2 thoughts on “My true evergreen hero! 

  1. I hv always thought that one must leave our foot prints on the sands of time. Your eulogy in praise of your grandfather reinstates that he has left his footprints in hearts n minds of his grandchildren n loved ones.

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