Make Up is all that he wanted

So he carefully looked at her . She is plain , barren , devoid of anything. Her look wasn’t appreciated . He wanted more . He wanted to show her off to the world . She was his prize trophy . Let me make her worthy of being applauded for . She can’t be herself . So plain, that no one even gives her a second look , leave aside want to spend even a night with her . So change her from the outside . Make her so unrecognisable, change her so much that even she should not recognise herself . The work starts . He deftly applied the foundation …. blended it perfectly ….. maybe a little more , her pores should be closed and shouldn’t breathe . A layer of compact will add to that thick base . As he looks at the kohl that could line her eyes and make them shine even in the darkest of nights. A thin straight line , the mascara to curl her lashes deep and long . The eye shadow in colours of purple , black and silver for that deep mysterious look. Now for some colour , stroking her cheeks with crimson blush and dabbing her perfect lips in red . He steps back …. proud to see his master creation . 

Dear Mirror : My name is Dubai . I have become what I am for all those around me. I provide , nurture and have won many a heart. I have the ability to give everyone who comes to me a new face . And I don’t disappoint most . But this isn’t me . And will never be . 

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